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Botanical Gardens (Vuon Bach Thao)

The term 'Botanical Gardens' generally applies to gardens which has a large number of plants carefully sorted out and documented for conducting scientific studies. Even if all are not publicly accessible the one in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam is definitely an exception. The Botanical Gardens (Vuon Bach Thao) in Hanoi is a small world of opulence with greenery all around and has the perfect natural surroundings to just sit and meditate or go for a stroll around the park.

The garden is located between Hanoi's two major attractions West Lake and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

Features of Botanical Gardens (Vuon Bach Thao) in Hanoi

  -   The beautiful park was designed by the artistic French Landscape engineers in 1890
  -   After defeating the French in 1954, the park was remodeled by the State Government and then was made accessible to the general public.
  -   The Park covers an area of 50 acres with two small lakes included in the total area. Upon a small mound can be found some local trees which are an interesting subject of study for botanists.
  -   The Park sports a colorful appearance with its wide collection of flora and fauna. To view such an exorbitant collection is very rare in the crowded city of Hanoi.
  -   A permanent space on the east side of the park is dedicated to exhibit concrete sculptures. The Exhibition enjoys international fame and is a favorite for both the locals and the tourists. The sculptures say a lot about the creative and cultural aspects of Hanoi and are genuine pieces of art.
  -   A small island within the park area is a favorite spot for the young couples. The place is extremely romantic and is appropriate for a special rendezvous.
  -   The trails in the park are appropriate for jogging and are the natural choice for soccer players and joggers for their warm up sessions. The open stretches of grass areas are good for practicing matches. Children can also enjoy playing badminton.
  -   The Botanical Gardens (Vuon Bach Thao) in Hanoi is a bird lover's paradise. The tall trees are home to a wide species of birds. Those which can be spotted include Red Whiskered Bulbul, White Throated Fantail, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Common Tailorbird, Oriental Magpie Robin and Japanese White-Eye.

Address- The entrance to the park is on Hoang Hoa Tham road, Hanoi, Vietnam
Timings- 7:30 A.M to 10:00 P.M, open on all days
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