Hanoi Central Circus

Full 50,000, Sun morning show ?20000
Shows Time: Wed-Sun 20:00, Sun 09:00

Hanoi Motorbike Experience

For travelers well versed in the ways of Asian cities, Hanoi is a lot of fun to explore by motorbike.

Ho Tay Lake Water Park

To provide for the entertainment of the people in Vietnam, Vietnamese company Thang Long GTC initiated a project - the Me Tri Entertainment and Recreation Park Project. This project aimed at integrating the ...

Hat Cheo - Traditional Folk Theatre

The Hát Chèo is a satirical musical theatre, a kind of popular opera with an entirely oral tradition. 

Cinemals in Hanoi

Apart from visiting the major attractions of the city, you can indulge in cushioned comfort in the cinemas of Hanoi.

Vietnam Puppetry

Roi Nuoc is a traditional Vietnamese performance art using colorfully painted and costumed wooden puppets. They most closely resemble marionettes, with jointed arms, legs and heads. Roi Nuoc are controlled by ...
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