Hanoi Cuisine

Banh gio

"Banh gio" – Pyramidal rice dumpling

Bun thang ("Ladder" soft noodle soup)

Dishes made of soft noodle soup are diverse such as vermicelli and fried chopped meat, Bun Thang, vermicelli and sour crab soup, stewed vermicelli and boiled lean meat, etc.

Pho Hanoi

Pho, a typical dish of Hanoi people, has been existing for a long time. Pho is prepered not only in a sophisticated manner but also in the technique which is required to have sweet but pure bouillon, soft but ...

West Lake Shrimp Cake

 Who has been to Hanoi is likely to be eager to find a hot West Lake shrimp cake , to have the opportunity to enjoy a specialty of this land are not two.

Cha Ca La Vong (Grilled fish)

“Cha ca” is a favourite dish of Hanoian. Located in Cha Ca street, Cha ca La Vong (”cha ca” means grilled fish) is the famous restaurant to many Hanoian as well as visitors from all ...

Che or sweet soup, a special of Hanoi

Sweet-soup shops can be seen in almost streets in Hanoi: Hang Bun, Hàng Bac, Cua Nam, Ta Hien, Luong Ngoc Quyen, Lo Duc, Kham Thien…

Young green rice (com)

When autumn comes, you may notice on a gentle breeze the pleasant scent of new rice as you walk along a quiet street of Ha Noi. Look across the street, and you'll see a woman vendor shouldering a pole with two ...
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