Bars, Pubs in Ha Noi

Most of Hanoi's nightlife is centered around Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter. Police interference has kept Hanoi's nightlife under strict control, with most establishments closing long before midnight. Don't let that put you off, however - try the places we've listed below and you'll be able to see a side of Hanoi that doesn't get much play in the tourist books.

Ho Guom Xanh
  • Address: 32 Pho Le Thai To, Hoan Kiem Lake
  • Phone:  +84 4 828 8806
  • Shows Time: 21:00 (Free?
No place better represents the slick, contemporary side of Hanoi's nightlife. The cheerily uniformed bar staff peddle steeply priced bottles of Johnny Walker Black with the persistence of used car salesmen, and the wildly gyrating go-go dancers are a throwback to Paris revues - naughty, but not X-rated. When the singers come out, however, it's plain that Hanoians are as sentimental as ever.

Funky Buddha

Funky Buddha is one of the newer lounge bars in Hanoi, far shinier in appearance than most of the more established places in the city. It’s meant to appeal to the late teen-early twenties crowd with its epilepsy-inducing blinking lights on the dance floor and the music played on the premises (conventional dance music, little more besides).

Weekends are Tequila and Sambuca nights, with special prices for the aforementioned drinks.
  • Address: 2 Ta Hien Street, Hoàn Kiem, Hanoi
  • Phone: +84 4 32927614
  • Email:

A younger crowd frequents Dragonfly for the dance and hip-hop music (albeit a relatively small dance floor), the relatively cheap booze, the foosball table, and the shisha (Turkish water-pipe) lounge on the second floor.

Dragonfly’s atmosphere is fairly open and friendly, with a good mix of local expats and tourists keeping the place busy. Sunday is ladies' night in Dragonfly.
  • Address: 15 Hang Buom, Hoàn Kiem, Hanoi
  • Site:
  • Email:
Finnegan's Irish Pub

Finnegan's is Hanoi's only Irish themed pub, and they do a good job at keeping the place authentic. They serve refreshingly ice-cold beer and Irish comfort food like Irish stew, bangers & mash, and a three-course Sunday roast.

The place is smoke-filled and loud - not exactly a place to go for an intimate conversation, but great if you're just looking for cold drinks and a good time.

Quiz nights on Thursday. Happy hour from 10am to 6pm (Saturday-Thursday) and 10am-9pm (Friday).
  • Address: 16a Duong Thanh Street, Hoàn Kiem, Hanoi
  • Phone: +84 4 38289065
  • Email:
Le Pub

One of Hanoi's more upscale pubs - a cozy storefront bar in the Old Quarter, a few minutes' walk from Hoan Kiem Lake. You can sit outside to watch the tourists go by, or enjoy your drinks with air conditioning inside the premises.

The menu includes Vietnamese favorites like pho and bun cha. Western palates will enjoy Le Pub's roast dinners, pizzas, burgers, and even poutine for homesick Quebecers! Le Pub also has one of the best wine lists in Hanoi.

Selected drinks are on offer for only $1 on selected nights - Monday is Tequila Night, Tuesday is Vodka and Mixer Night, and Wednesday is Gin Night. On Thursdays, cocktails are sold for only $2 per serving.
Minh's Jazz Club

Minh's is the original Hanoi jazz club - it's a smoky venue with a laid-back feel and, most importantly, a good set of passionate jazz artists providing live music. Drinks are good but slightly more pricey than elsewhere, but it's nothing to complain about considering you're paying for the entertainment, too!
Seventeen Saloon

Seventeen Saloon is Hanoi’s take on a “Western”-style bar, complete with guys in ten-gallon hats and a wooden Indian figurine standing guard. The energy is incredibly lively inside, and you can’t beat the Filipino band belting out pop standards inside.

Drinks are expensive (about 1 million D for a beer) , catering more to the tourist than the locals.
  • Address: 98b Tran Hung Dao Str., Hoàn Kiem, Hanoi
  • Phone: +84 4 39426822
  • Site:
Polite Pub

English expats prefer the Polite Pub’s relaxed (if slightly run-down) sports-bar ambience. Foosball and pool tables keep the punters occupied, and the pool sharks might want to engage the bartender (she’s a local pool champion) if they want a real challenge.

The only downside: the music may be a bit too loud for your taste, but the cheap booze during happy hour more than makes up for that shortcoming, if you come in between five to eight pm.
  • Address: 5 Bao Khanh Lane, Hoàn Kiem, Hanoi
  • Phone: +84 4 38250959
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